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Open CC: AWS, leaving all other clouds behind in 2019

Ever wanted to learn some of the trendy stuff that the cool kids are playing with, but you keep thinking that it’s too difficult? We beg to differ. We’ll show you how easy it is to get started with serverless, machine learning and artificial intelligence, simply by using AWS. Yes, that includes the new shiny toys we’ve been given by Amazon for Christmas, also known as AWS Re:Invent.

The web is getting smarter and faster, so in this talk we’ll show you how we’ve built a video platform, fully driven by artificial intelligence. We’ll use services provided by AWS to automatically tag videos, give users personal recommendations, show trending and the most popular videos, … This would take months or years if you would build it from scratch, but with AWS you can use their high-quality solutions to get you started very quickly.

Amazon Rekognition, Transcribe and Comprehend are only a few of the services that power the platform. All of this will be supported by the more well-known serverless services, like AWS Lambda, Step Functions and Cognito. Obviously, we’ll serve our application on the best AWS services: S3 and CloudFront. The edge is where we all want to be!

Event details

For who?
This is een open event, every fan of AWS is welcome to join.

Tuesday, January 21 2020

Axxes HQ : Entrepot9, 2000 Antwerpen

18h : start
19h30 : food & drinks

About the speakers

Kenneth De Win:

Kenneth De WinI started as a Java developer at Axxes in 2016. However, at my first project at DPG Media, I was allowed to play with nearly every technology known to man. One of those technologies was AWS. It was love at first sight and not a day goes by where I’m not using one of many AWS services.


Rob Kenis:

Rob KenisMy adventure started in 2017, when I did my internship at VRT. I started out as a Java developer, but before I knew they showed me the light of AWS. While introducing myself to the cloud, I picked up a couple more languages like Python and Nodejs. But I made sure to stay far away from Perl and Ruby. In the months that followed, I joined Axxes, accomplished the traineeship and came back to VRT as a consultant. After 2 glorious years, I continued my adventure at Nike to gain fresh insights into Java and AWS.

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