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Axxes is an IT Consultancy agency situated in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent. As a full-service project sourcing organisation we deliver high quality ICT services when it comes to software development, testing, system engineering, project management and data. Over 350 experienced IT consultants make a difference each day for our clients. The requested knowledge when you need it, the right person for the right project. IT is about people!

Our services, specified for your project

In an ever-changing digital world, the impact of IT on businesses has never been this big. The challenges are evolving faster than the knowledge and the capabilities of your internal IT department.


Axxes gives access to the requested knowhow at the right time and the ideal person for each project. Over 350 consultants with expertise in software development, infrastructure, testing, project management and data.


Development, technical design and architecture. You can depend on a Microsoft Gold Partner Application Development professional.


Java developers, Scrum masters, technical leads, architects,... Connected in the newest technology and agile methodology.


AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, … WE ♥ JS! Knowledge strengthened by great passion for Front-end and professionalism.


Test analysis, Test automation & Test management by our certified consultants. Quality guaranteed!

System Engineering

From support to system and network engineering. A broad knowledge of expertise, always highly educated and with a focus on you, the client.

PM & Analyse

According to valid methodology Prince 2, our project managers deliver within scope, budget, timing and with an eye for quality.


You can count on our highly analytical experts in Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Analysis, AI & Machine Learning to make optimal use of the data within your company.


Quality - as a professional and as a person

We recruit consultants based on diploma, experience and especially personality. Driven by quality, they offer commitment towards the customer. A passion for their area of expertise is complemented by the Competence Centers and Axxes Academy, with an eye for gathering knowledge and certification.

Flexibility - a tailored approach

With 21 years of experience and a financially healthy policy we're a stable partner that likes to help her clients. Each project is unique and deserves a specified approach. The right consultant at the right place, with regards to knowledge and personality.

Transparency - in working and communication

We do what we say we'll do. Axxes stands for transparency, both in communication towards the clients and colleagues, as in the conduct of business. That's why we love to work on the audits of Federgon, who acknowledges us as Certified Member Projectsourcing.

Growth - with clients and consultants

An average of 26% organic growth, year after year, that doesn't just happen on its own. It's the result of happy employees and satisfied customers. They benefit while our services expand and professionalize.

Feel Good – more than fun

'Feel good' means more than hard working versus relaxing. Aside from events, incentives and informal contact it needs to be right from the start: This all comes from the right projects, educations and successions. Happy consultants are better consultants, that's for sure.


Axxes stands for quality, growth and 'feel good'.




European Social Fund


  • Benjamin Goesaert

    Benjamin Goesaert

    Managing Director

  • Filip Houdenaert

    Filip Houdenaert

    Sales Manager

  • Toon Verbuyst

    Toon Verbuyst

    HR Manager

  • Pieter Bols

    Pieter Bols

    Finance Manager

  • Patrik Janssens

    Patrik Janssens

    Senior Account Manager

  • Marloes Wouters

    Marloes Wouters

    Account Manager

  • Marieke Verhoeven

    Marieke Verhoeven

    Account Manager

  • Shauni Wuyts

    Shauni Wuyts

    Customer Success

  • Lauren Lievens

    Lauren Lievens

    Account Manager

  • Sigi Van Thillo

    Sigi Van Thillo

    Account Manager

  • Brecht Hoornaert

    Brecht Hoornaert

    Account Manager

  • Helene Demaeght

    Helene Demaeght

    Account Manager

  • Jill Van Wesemael

    Jill Van Wesemael

    Internal Sales & Events

  • Roel Van Heurck

    Roel Van Heurck

    HR Advisor

  • Nicolas Van Driessche

    Nicolas Van Driessche


  • Quinten Kennes

    Quinten Kennes

    Young Graduate Recruiter

  • Margo Natadiredja

    Margo Natadiredja

    Recruitment & HR Partner

  • Jolien Lembrechts

    Jolien Lembrechts

    Recruitment & HR Partner

  • Ann Segers

    Ann Segers

    Recruitment Coach Freelance

  • Hanne Lagrillière

    Hanne Lagrillière

    IT Recruiter Freelance

  • Laura Defalque

    Laura Defalque

    IT Recruiter Freelance

  • Suzanne Van den Hout

    Suzanne Van den Hout

    HR Admin

  • Annelies Wellens

    Annelies Wellens

    Online Marketeer

  • Sabrina Slagmulder

    Sabrina Slagmulder


  • Vicky Van Wanrooij

    Vicky Van Wanrooij


  • Shanah Fonderie

    Shanah Fonderie


  • Liesbeth Muhring

    Liesbeth Muhring


  • Astrid Calewaert

    Astrid Calewaert


  • Vicky De Ridder

    Vicky De Ridder


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