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Axxes proud host of FableConf 2019

Axxes is happy to support the IT community. That is why we are proud to announce we are organising the 3rd edition of FableConf, the ultimate Fable conference.   

F# & Fable

Never heard of Fable or F#? Have a look at our introduction blogpost or this in-depth video. You will notice that F# is a powerful functional language with allows you to write very correct and compact code. People sometimes say “if it compiles, it works”. You can find a convincing introduction of F# via F# for fun and profit.


FableConf is a two-day conference with international speakers and workshops about Fable, the F# to Javascript compiler. The conference was created in 2017 by some Fable lovers.

This year the conference is supported by a collaboration between the opensource community and Axxes. After two successful editions in Bordeaux and Berlin, it is a unique opportunity for us to organise the third edition in Antwerp. This edition will be held on September the 6th & 7th, on the initiative of our consultant and Fable lover Florian.

The schedule

Day one will consist of talks introducing the technologies key to modern web development, as well as presenting the latest additions to Fable ecosystem. Check out the agenda!

Day two will be filled with practical workshops and chances to sit down and works alongside members of the F# community to learn how to write Fable applications that take full advantage of F# and Javascript. Welcome at our office!

Get your FableConf ticket!

Tickets are now available via EventbriteTicket sales end on 29th of August!

You can always ask any question to our consultant Florian Verdonck (

See you in September in Antwerp!

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