Why freelance?

Choosing Axxes is choosing a trustworthy partner that thinks ahead. Trust is very important here, and open communication is the method. Through Axxes you can work on different freelance assignments at leading companies.

Your talent in the right place

Axxes has been working together with freelancers for years. Read why they keep on choosing for this partnership.

  • “Axxess has given me advice and practical assistance in finding a job in the Flemish Government. The job industry had totally changed. Axxes has accompanied me to be the 'perfect match', the right man at the right place on the right time.”

    Kurt De Greeff

    Kurt De Greeff,
    Freelance ICT Consultant

  • “As a starting freelancer, you're certainly good at Axxes IT. Shortly after the meeting with Axxess I received several project proposals that matched perfectly with my skills. And the personal approach of the project manager makes the whole process a pleasant experience.”

    Jonas De Swaef

    Jonas De Swaef,
    Freelance Software Engineer

  • “Very personal yet professional approach. Thanks to Axxes I got back to work as project manager of an international project in the pharmaceutical sector.”

    Sandrine Rauwoens

    Sandrine Rauwoens,
    Freelance Project Manager SAP

5 good reasons to work together



Working together with expertise, with a passion for technology



Technically complex projects at leading companies in Belgium where your knowledge is an added value


Trustworthy and concerned

With a personal approach and direct communication



Accurate payment of your invoices


Thinking with you

Proactive approach and guidance at the end of your contract

Our work method

Everything starts with trust

A good collaboration starts with trust. That's why we think it's important to share that trust with our freelancers and protect it.

Contact & succession

A first conversation where we come to clear agreements remains important. We are focused on a short succession of your availability and an honest communication at proposals. We are speaking about more than one project.

Single point of contact

A single point of contact ensures fast and open communication. We like to keep things clear.


Ann, Hanne and Laura have a complete overview of our freelance projects. Feel free to contact them for more information.

Ann Segers

Ann Segers

Hanne Lagrillière

Hanne Lagrillière

Laura Defalque

Laura Defalque


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