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Frontend Developer Love Conference

On 15th & 16th of February 2018 I went to the Frontend Developer Love Conference, a 2 day conference in Amsterdam. The biggest Frontend focused conference I’ve been to so far, and it was a sight to behold. The first day had speakers talk about most of the big frameworks; Angular, React, VueJS and even a bit of jQuery. The second day was focused solely on VueJS.

If I would summarise the two days into one word, I’d use Intense.

Frontend Developer Love, 15th & 16th of February 2018

The speakers

With 15 speakers on the first day, and another 12 on the second, there were plenty of talks and topics to enjoy. Here are some that stood out, in no particular order.

Manfred Steyer – Automating boring Programming Tasks with the Angular CLI and Schematics

I had already seen a talk by Manfred Steyer at NGBE, and I was happy to see another. Any tech that enables me to do less work is awesome.

“Manfred Steyer presented a very interesting topic. Automating things is always pleasant and I see a lot of potential for these schematics. It reminds me a little of ASP.NET MVC entity framework which allows you to easily scaffold CRUD applications.”

– Sam De Bock

Kitze Ristovski – The exciting future of React

Kitze told us what the (at the time) future of React is and what to keep an eye out for. The talk was informative, and quite funny to boot. The improvements React.Fragment and Portals bring to the table were shown in an easy to follow demo.

“What really stuck with me is Kitze’s demo, it was really interactive to follow and he explained in simple terms what the future of React holds for us.”

– Geert De Volder

“Kitze’s talk was was about new things I hadn’t yet seen and read about. His humour combined with his fast and fluent code examples kept me focused and interested throughout the whole talk. Not a lot of people can explain things this fluently and simple without losing my focus.”

– Sam De Bock

Sarah Drasner – Animating Vue: How capable and elegant is VueJS in terms of animation

Sarah started the conference off with a talk about how fluent animating is in VueJS. Amazing showcase of what’s possible in VueJS with a bit of knowledge (and a lot of creativity…)

Prashant Palikhe – New Chrome Dev Tool Functions that will blow your mind

A short but useful talk about some features I didn’t know existed in Chrome Dev Tools. Did you know you can show the experimental experiments in your settings by pressing Shift 6 times? I sure didn’t.

Evan You – Keynote speech on the Past, Present and Future of VueJS

And ofcourse, you can’t forget to the creator of VueJS at a VueJS conference! Among other things, Evan showed us how VueJS’s CLI will keep progressing to make things easier for everyone.

The presentation

Theatre Amsterdam was perfect. It’s giant screen and amazing sound system were fully utilized with the beautiful transitions between speakers, all having their own personal touch.

The community

Even with the archnemeses* that are React, Angular and VueJS developer being together in close proximity, the atmosphere was vibrant. Gerard Sans didn’t just talk this conference, but hosted it too. And ofcourse, let’s not forget the saga of the social wall.

(*not really, we all get along)

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