Axxes connects people and projects. Our culture determines the way in which we collaborate. A people-oriented approach with respect for our DNA is essential in this collaboration process. This DNA is why our customers and our staff enjoy working with and for Axxes.


For many years this has been our motto. No empty words but a real promise! ‘People over process’, that’s how we see it. We want to work together with our internal staff, consultants and customer contacts like a Dream Team composed of gifted players. This approach makes AXXES a more flexible, stimulating, successful and vibrant organization.

The 7 we's

Our DNA defines the behaviour, skills, standards and values we believe in at Axxes. It determines how we collaborate with candidates, staff members and customers.


  • are quick and eager to learn and share our knowledge and expertise with others
  • suggest a new, better or different approach even when this is challenging existing beliefs
  • try to make the change we have in mind for the future
  • embrace new ideas that challenge the status quo or just make things simpler

we believe in IMPACT & INTEGRITY

  • treat every person with respect and never talk or go behind someone’s back
  • are not afraid to be vulnerable, to say ‘sorry’, to admit mistakes
  • are focused on results rather than procedures
  • are constantly willing to create added value and to increase our colleagues’ commitment to the process.


  • favour progress and inspire others on their road to success
  • are not afraid of change, it gives us energy
  • are truly committed to the success of our organization, our staff and our customers.
  • are persevering, optimistic, self-assured but sometimes too modest


  • provide timely feedback to colleagues, communicating in an open and above all more pro-active manner (we are getting better every day but we are not quite there yet …)
  • listen, want to understand and are crystal clear in the way we communicate
  • are convinced that every genuine question deserves an honest and straightforward answer

we operate in an UNSELFISH & JUDICIOUS manner

  • are always thinking of the long-term consequences of a decision rather than focusing on the short-term profits
  • make time to help colleagues and openly and pro-actively share the available information
  • identify the root causes rather than merely addressing the symptoms and thinking strategically about what we want to achieve
  • are willing to think beyond the traditional domains within which we operate


  • are able to collaborate in a constructive way with people irrespective of their gender, religion or nationality
  • look beyond personal background and ethnic origin to focus on talent and values
  • acknowledge that prejudices exist but take action when we find that people are excluded on those grounds

we are (self-)CRITICAL & IN FOR FUN

  • set the bar high for ourselves and the people around us
  • identify the obstacles that stand in the way of improvement and tackle them
  • dare to question actions that are not in keeping with our culture
  • find it important to have fun together, on the job and outside the workplace

The building blocks to success

When we say that Axxes’ DNA is our ‘reason of being’ , Axxes’ building blocks are the conversion of this DNA to our day-to-day operation. Quality, Growth and a Feel Good mentality constitute the basis of our daily activities and enterprise. It is a constant benchmark for our pursuit of success in what we do and how we do it. At Axxes we are considered successful if that success contributes to the growth of our organization, with a focus on quality and respect for each and every co-worker. No Growth without Quality, no Growth without Feel Good.

“Excellent corporations are shaped by excellent people.”


Axxes stands for quality, as a professional and as a person. Our IT support focuses on quality when providing customer service. We guarantee that our consultants stand out from the rest because of their passion for the job and their can-do attitude.

To create added value through IT,  that is our mission. The high level of certification, the training processes and our 20 years of expertise can vouch for that.


“Although Axxes keeps growing, the company’s proper identity is preserved. The company’s values have not faded and the jovial work atmosphere within Axxes remains unchanged.”


Axxes’ success and growth is the result of the involvement and commitment of our staff. Every year we are showing an increase in the number of consultants, contracts and in our annual turnover.

To keep growing we remain critical about what we do, and we keep challenging ourselves. In that context we consider our Axxes staff members to be the driving force: their commitment, their creative approach or just the way in which their drive and enthusiasm keep reinvigorating the company.


“Axxes is much more than just IT. Axxes also stands for a good deal of feel good and fun.  Where colleagues become friends.”

Feel Good

At Axxes we do take Feel Good literally. It is important that everyone can be themselves.  Every individual is unique and that is how we want to treat our staff members.

Feel Good also means fun: sporting challenges, monthly drinks, our annual ski event, … are only a few of the fun examples.

Feel Good is the binding agent between quality and growth. If you enjoy what you are doing quality and growth come naturally.


Axxes is one of the top 5 Best Workplaces in Belgium!

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