Our certified .NET experts go for gold. Every day they give it their best on a variety of challenging projects. That's why we're allowed to call ourselves a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Axxes, .NET expert

Full-stack development, analysis and architecture from .NET applications, specified for your goals. Axxes is your .net expert.

.NET development

Our clean coders develop full-stack solutions in recent but proven technology and according to the highest standard of quality and agile methodology.

Technical analysis & design

We speak the language of our technical experts and of the businesses. That's how we translate your vision into crystal clear analyses and create a technical design based on the most recent technological standards.


Our .NET experts will create the optimal balance between software standards, tools and platforming.

Our .NET software engineers use the newest techniques and methodologies.

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Axxes clients have been convinced of the advanced knowledge of our .NET experts for a while. Even Microsoft couldn’t overlook that expertise. That’s why they’ve chosen us to be a Microsoft Gold Partner – Application Development.


Axxes Software Development Traineeship 2018

Looking for the perfect kickstart in ICT Consultancy?

Axxes Software Development Traineeship 2018

(almost) graduated and want to start as a .Net consultant? Every year at the end of the summer, Axxes IT Consultancy organizes a software development traineeship. Divided in a Java and .NET track, a dozen selected young graduates will be trained for the real work as an IT Consultant. Discover everything about the traineeship here.

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Continuing to invest in the knowledge of our employees ensures quality. Our personal approach leads to partnerships and trust. Discover how we combine all this with a fast response time!


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