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Fantomas 3.0: Concluding the tale

Oct, 15

Fantomas 3.0: Concluding the tale ›

I would like to present you the final release of Fantomas 3.0. What started as a proof of concept in April finally found its way to NuGet!

My passion for speaking

Aug, 07

My passion for speaking ›

Hannes goes through great effort to speak at conferences. Read why he does it and get tips how to land your first conference talk!

Fantomas 3.0: over-and-above

Jul, 24

Fantomas 3.0: over-and-above ›

Fantomas is a tool that can format F# code, like how Prettier for JavaScript works. How Fantomas works:

Axxes proud host of FableConf 2019

Jul, 11

Axxes proud host of FableConf 2019 ›

Axxes is happy to support the IT community. That is why we are proud to announce we are organising the 3rd edition of FableConf, the ultimate Fable conference.

Hello world with Fable in 2019

Jun, 20

Hello world with Fable in 2019 ›

Setting up Fable from scratch: the 2019 edition! In this blog post we will solve a small JavaScript exercise using Fable without any starter kit. An easy to follow example to get the gist of Fable and function programming.

Functional Queens

Jun, 03

Functional Queens ›

Our latest mission was the famous 8 queens puzzle, which we had to solve using a functional language. Coding challenge and solution summarized:

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