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Aug, 27


Fantomas, the F# formatting tool, has released its fourth major version! Discover the latest and greatest in this release.

My new (old) job

Aug, 10

My new (old) job ›

At Axxes we give ourselves a quality boost. The new role 'Head of learning & Development' is introduced.

Conference diary GOTO Oslo: Choices & Cruises

Mar, 03

Conference diary GOTO Oslo: Choices & Cruises ›

GOTO or NOT go to Oslo? The difficult choice has been made and you can follow the cruise adventure of our consultant and speaker Hannes via this diary.

Fantomas 3.0: Concluding the tale

Oct, 15

Fantomas 3.0: Concluding the tale ›

I would like to present you the final release of Fantomas 3.0. What started as a proof of concept in April finally found its way to NuGet!

My passion for speaking

Aug, 07

My passion for speaking ›

Hannes goes through great effort to speak at conferences. Read why he does it and get tips how to land your first conference talk!

Fantomas 3.0: over-and-above

Jul, 24

Fantomas 3.0: over-and-above ›

Fantomas is a tool that can format F# code, like how Prettier for JavaScript works. How Fantomas works:

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