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I’ve never made it a secret that I love working at Axxes. The main reason for that is that anything can be discussed, as long as you keep an eye on the bigger picture. In this environment, I have grown from a passionate developer into an initiative-taking coach & speaker. And today marks the next step in that journey.

Growth, an Axxes core value

At Axxes, we value the growth of our our people tremendously. As a result, you can see this in our actions: traineeships, training, conferences we attend, the internal conference we organize, coaching, knowledge sharing and so on. Time and time again, I am surprised by how fast people grow if you give them a setting where this is encouraged. And every time I contribute to that, I have the feeling that I am making a real difference.

It often occurred to me that my impact at Axxes could be bigger if I would be able to fully focus on exactly those things. Therefor, I felt it was time to talk to our management. During those talks, we have weighed the advantages against the disadvantages. And as a result, we have decided that it would be worthwhile to do something with this. We think it is an added value to Axxes if we have someone who can focus on this for 100%. Someone who can lead the way in terms of growth, coaching, knowledge sharing, etc. It didn’t take long for us to come up with a job description.

Job description

If we free up time for this, what would we like to achieve?

  • Supporting consultants in their development. For instance by doing coaching on the job and by facilitating the start-up of new projects. Or by being a point of contact for anyone who feels blocked in his/her growth in any way. We have a lot of competent people at Axxes, some of which have an incredible potential. Those people usually find their own way, but they can evolve a lot quicker if they are supported. For instance if they have someone who helps them get a clear vision on the next steps in their career.
  • Extending our knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing has always been one of our passions, but we see a lot of opportunities to further improve it. Internally, we can professionalize our so called ‘Competence Centers’ and we can get more out of our internal conference, Haxx. Externally, we can increase our involvement in several user groups and we can publish our internal content. Furthermore, we can create the opportunity for more of our people to speak at (inter)national conferences.
  • Expert consultancy. Selling a challenging project often begins with a technical take on the subject. For instance by analyzing a problem at the customer, or by building a proof-of-concept, etc. If you want to be serious about this, you will need someone who can make time on a short notice to pick up these presales tasks.
  • Starting up Axxes teams. When we deliver the entire team for a project, it is a good idea to spend some extra effort during the start-up phase. We’re thinking about architecture, team composition and building the necessary skills. As a result, this will allow the team to work at their full capacity afterwards.

Now what?

Of course, it isn’t all that new. A lot of these things were already part of what I did, but I will have more time to work on them in the future. And that is a nice feeling, because now I can focus for 100% on those things that make a long term difference. It’s great that Axxes wants to shift gears in this area. This is the type of investment that proves that Axxes, as a Great Place To Work®, doesn’t accept a status quo, but chooses the road of constant improvement.

What was missing was a title. Unfortunately, this didn’t come as easy to us as the job description. This is also typical for Axxes. We always think in terms of ‘what, how and why’, and a lot less in fancy titles. Eventually, we had to make a decision, so we could inform the rest of the organization.

I feel honored that I’m allowed to take up this new role, and I’ll do everything in my power to make it a success. As the brand new Head of Learning & Development, I’m really looking forward to building an even better future with my colleagues!

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