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Axxes in the top 5 of the best workplaces in Belgium!*

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Best Workplaces 2020

According to our employees, Axxes is truly a great organization to work for: as many as 96% of our employees is happy to be working for Axxes! During the 2020 Great Place to Work Award Show – which we could follow via Facebook live this year due to COVID-19 – Axxes was voted one of the best workplaces in Belgium!

Livestream Great Place to Work Awardshow

What is a Great Place to Work®?

Every year we spend an average of 1576 hours at work. How we work and have fun with our colleagues determines our wellbeing at work. Great Place to Work® proved that good workplaces are places where people trust their management, are proud of their jobs and, above all, have a good time.

Every year the Great Place to Work® Institute Belgium, in cooperation with Vlerick Business School, goes looking for the Best Workplaces. They focus on two areas. The first one is the Trust Index© survey (or the employee survey) to investigate how employees experience trust, pride and collegiality within the company they work for. The second one is the Culture Audit© which evaluates the organizations’ employment policies. During this process Great Place to Work assesses 5 universal values: credibility, respect, honesty, pride and camaraderie.

12 reasons why Axxes is in the top 10 of  Great Place to Work

The survey has revealed that Axxes gets a very high score with respect to the five universal values: credibility, respect, honesty, pride and camaraderie, and for the third year in a row we have been awarded the certificate of ‘Great Place to Work’. Even better,  Axxes has now made it into the top 5 and from now on we are proud to call ourselves a “Best Workplace”. What is it that makes Axxes so unique? Let’s give you a list of reasons why!

1) Het Axxes DNA: a mix between Quality, Growth and Feel Good

Quality, Growth and Feel Good have always been at the core of Axxes’ culture(?). They are the foundations of our daily activities and business goals. At Axxes, we consider ourselves successful if our success contributes to the growth of our organization, with an eye for quality and with respect for each individual employee. No Growth without Quality, no Quality without Feel Good.

2) IT is about people

This is much more than just a slogan for Axxes. It is part of our core values, and our employees can feel this. They are confident that they can rely on an individual approach: they are an individual, not just a number. We think along with them and we invest in the personal growth of each individual. And that’s quite unique.

3) Fantastic customers where we can achieve things

The growth of our employees is highly dependent on the quality of our customers and the interesting IT projects we can play part in. On a working environment in which a people-oriented approach and respect for our company values are key. A constructive collaboration with our customers enables us to realize our employees’ ambitions.

4) Phenomenal training opportunities focused on growth and knowledge sharing

Great Place to Work Knowledge Sharing

We are learners! Adequate training for each employee is not just a necessity, it is an individual right. Support every employee in his or her qualitative growth, we won’t go for anything less we won’t settle for anything less Our mission is to provide opportunities for our employees to grow and develop their skills. From that perspective we are constantly investing in traineeships, knowledge sharing, professional enhancement programmes, certification, seminars, …

5) Room for initiative

Great Place to Work - Ruimte voor initiatief

There is no initiative or proposal too wild for Axxes, we will always look at how it can be realised People who want to change things, will get the means to accomplish their goals. Within that context we launched our own conference ‘Haxx’ or a group of enthusiasts build the application ‘GreenR‘ that challenges our employees to create more green habits.

6) Strong management

The survey also showed that our people trust the management of the company. Not only do our employees feel that the managers are capable for their jobs, they also have faith in their ability to make the right decisions. The approachability of our management is another strong point. They are always open to discuss serious requests or issues, but also to have an informal chat.

7) Our employees determine their career path

The ownership of your career path lies with the employees themselves. They are given the opportunity to pass on training needs and interests within projects. Through a performance cycle and guidance by our competence coaches and HR, your growth traject is monitored. You determine which direction you are headed.

8) The right people on board

As a consultancy organisation, we choose not to hire with a base of concrete open opportunities. We do look at candidates as a person and the match we can form together. If you choose for our culture and you have the right Axxes attitude, evolving feels natural.

9) Axxes Works Out

Axxes Works Out

Since 2017 all our sports activities are organized under the umbrella of ‘Axxes Works Out’. The idea of paying attention to sports and health all year long fits in perfectly with an organization where ‘Feel Good’ and ‘looking after our employees’ are a priority. It is also the perfect way to motivate people to introduce these concepts in their private lives. For example, we participated in the Port of Antwerp Triathlon, cycled 1000 km for cancer relief and boldly took part in the Spartacus Run. This year we already planned the Titan Swim, Dragon Boat Race, Karting and rides with our Axxes Cycling team in the Axxes calendar!

10) Camaraderie at Axxes is unbelievable

“Axxes, the place where colleagues become friends” is a familiar saying in our company. The survey also showed that many of employees see Axxes as a warm family where people care about each other and you can be yourself completely.

Some figures from the survey: I can be myself here (98%) – There is a clear “family” or “team” spirit within the organization. (97%)

11) Feel Good = Events + Fun

At Axxes we won’t pass on an opportunity to celebrate. Several events are being organized throughout the year and we make special efforts to involve everyone and make them feel welcome: a New Year event, monthly drinks, family event,… However, the fun reaches its climax at our annual Axxes Ski event!

Collage ski 2018

12) We are Axxes!

We are so proud to be Axxesers! Our people are proud of their jobs, of their co-workers, of what we have achieved as a company. And we are not afraid to tell everyone. Working at Axxes is definitely not “just a job”. We are Axxes!

When I consider what we are accomplishing, I am actually very proud. (97%) – I am proud to tell people that I am working for this organization. (98%) – My work is important, it is not “just a job”. (96%)


But what really makes us a Best Workplace is our people! Thank you for making Axxes such a great place to work! Want to be part of a Best Workplace? Take a look at our job page

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