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Axxes IT Consultancy

Axxes IT Consultancy

Axxes is a full-service IT consultancy agency. High technological knowledge of driven consultants, when you need it, where you need it. IT is about people!

IT solutions

As a full-service project sourcing specialist we deliver flexible IT solutions of high quality when it comes to software development, software testing, system engineering and project management.


Over 270 experienced IT consultants analyze, build, test and maintain company critical software and systems within their domain. These are our IT solutions for your project:


Development, technical design and architecture. You can depend on a Microsoft Gold Partner Application Development professional.


Java developers, Scrum masters, technical leads, architects,… Connected in the newest technology and agile methodology.


AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, … WE ♥ JS! Knowledge strengthened by great passion for Front-end and professionalism.


Test analysis, Test automation & Test management by our certified consultants. Quality always guaranteed!

System Engineering

From support to system and network engineering. A broad knowledge of expertise, always highly educated and with a focus on you, the client.

Project Management

According to valid methodology Prince 2, our project managers deliver within scope, budget, timing and with an eye for quality.

About Axxes

Axxes stands for quality ICT professionals. Over 150 consultants are working on challenging IT projects in 6 different domains at leading companies. With their focus on quality, growth and 'feel good', success is guaranteed to our clients, which makes Axxes the ideal partner when it comes to IT.



Axxes is a Best Workplace!

Apr, 16

Axxes is a Best Workplace! ›

Axxes is voted one of the best workplaces in Belgium! 10 reasons why:

Compiling F# scripts with Fable 2.2

Mar, 28

Compiling F# scripts with Fable 2.2 ›

With the release of Fable 2.2 it is now (back) possible to compile .fsx files. There are some subtle differences in this approach, take a look at how your workflow could be.

Build software like a bag of marbles, not a castle of LEGO®

Nov, 14

Build software like a bag of marbles, not a castle of LEGO® ›

At November 14 our .NET coach Hannes gives a session at Build Stuff 2018. Find his slides here:


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