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Conference Report of FableConf


Near the end of September, I had the opportunity to attend the first (and hopefully annually) Fable conference in Bordeaux. Woot woot! A two-day conference featuring interesting speakers and high value workshops regarding the F# to JavaScript compiler Fable.

FableConf 2017

  1. What is Fable?

There is a slim chance you have never heard about F#. F# is a functional-first programming language and you should really check out to get a proper introduction.

Once you get on board with F# you’ll be happy to hear that you can also use it to create JavaScript you can be proud of!

Using the Fable compiler F# gets compiled to an AST that Babel understands and is transformed to readable ES5 JavaScript code. Check out this example to get a taste of Fable.

  1. FableConf

Fable is gaining momentum in the F# community and the time was ripe for its first conference to emerge. The Digital Campus in the lovely city of Bordeaux served as the venue for this international event. It was a gathering of many different nationalities leading to very interesting conversations.

  1. Day One

The first day of FableConf was loaded with fascinating talks. Founder Alfonso Garcia-Caro broke the ice with his keynote. He had some great announcements like Fable Ionide and talked about a new way of collaboration.

Eugene Tolmachev talked about Elmish, an Elm port for Fable. If you never heard about Elm or the Elm architecture (tea) you should definitely learn about this great concept. I really enjoyed this talk because it was to the point, simple and clean.

Other talks brought up creating apps without css, BabelIonide and more. What I enjoyed the most about the first day is that the speakers and organizers really knew their audience. Nobody explained what Fable was and went straight to new content that isn’t available on the internet.

  1. Day Two

Day two was all about hands-on coding. Great workshops regarding Elmish, create a Visual Code extension and much more. It was so liberating to be able to ask questions to Fable internals. Different brilliant people in the community gathered in one room, a blissful experience.

  1. Wrap up

I really enjoyed my stay at the first FableConf in Bordeaux. I met some great people and I am looking forward to FableConf 2018!

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